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Team Impact Track Club

An extension of DIPT, Team Impact Track Club is an elite level developmental club created to assist young aspiring athletes to maximum potential, while learning and adhering to solid principles of character and integrity. Through cultivating the process of what takes to become a champion, we aim to produce individual, state and national champions, as well as collegiate athletes -building long-lasting memories and relationships. 

Founded on Passion

TITC began in 2012 with several college bound senior trackless from surrounding schools, (who met while training together at DIPT) thus becoming both friends and rivals on the track.  Switching from high school rivals to club mates allowed the athletes to harness their energies together against a tough summer club USATF circuit.  The initial summer club saw several athletes qualify for nationals in its first year, laying the foundation for continues success, increased development and greater exposure. 

Character - Understanding that sports is intricate one segment of our lives, our aim is to develop community GEMS

Development - Individualized, quantifiable personal progress is of as much importance standing

Winning - Winning isn't everything...But DESIRING to win is... The commitment to excellence is what brings our best abilities 

Fun - Fun is the essence of sports, so keep it fun. Birthed out of blessings and gratitude, we should understand, I don't GOT to , I GET to 


Akinosun track.png

Morolake Akinosun

2016 Olympic Gold Medalist

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